Anant mittal
Founder of RACERFLY
Racerfly isn't just a Start-up,
but is a dedication to always leap forward,
much further than past.
Tech is the Solution to minimize Error & maximize Profit.
We at RACERFLY, are determined to provide
our excellent Tech & Cost-efficient services
to Every farmer of this Nation.
Who are we
We are a group of graduating Students from Prestigious Institute IIT-G, lead by Anant mittal.
As its well said that minds with similar goals meet and change the whole world.
With a strong Tech & steel Mind, we started RACERFLY.
Racerfly was founded in 2017 by a group of students graduating at IIT-G (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) with the same goal of Best service in Minimum-cost, lead by Annant mittal.
In this new 'Decade of Change' in 2020, Racerfly aims to leave a Spark in the field of Agriculture in India. Racerfly had a vision of Future Drone Technology and is now here.
With more than 60% population of India depends on Agriculture, the procedure of farming has not advanced so far. Racerfly will change the way of Fertilizing in its own way.
Racerfly now has developed the Tech of 'Fully-Autonomous spraying drones' with minimized error and maximum output. We provide quality helicopter and multi-rotor plant protection drones with reliable performance and spraying efficiency.
Our Vision
From the first start, Racerfly aims to serve its service for Spraying Fertilizers & Pesticides using Fully-autonomous sprayer drones.
With our Sprayer solutions, the way of Spraying will become way more easier & cost-efficint too.
Our vision is to spread in this field of Agriculture in following years.
With more & more advancements in Racerfly, we are proposing to leap further in Autonomous Drone.
With a clear Vision, Racerfly will succeed.
Vision for Covid-19
"The drone will help in sanitizing large areas by just one person spraying and monitoring using a mobile app, hence eliminating the need for more cleaners who use manual spraying disinfectant. This will help in following social distancing guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to fight COVID-19. The drone which is crash proof, is equipped to adjust itself to terrain height and avoid obstacles," Mittal said.
With our Sprayer solutions, the way of sanitising area will become way more easier.
A single drone can replace around 20 workers, which can be really helpful in the current situation. Once we get a go ahead, we can make 15 drones within 15-20 days and next 50 by the end of this month," Mittal said.
For now, we reached Assam & Utterakhand Government for serving our service. And looking forward to do so with Private officials too.
With a clear Vision, Racerfly will succeed.
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