RacerFly brings fully Autonomous
Sprayer Drones in INDIA
Advancements in
Sprayer Technology
New Technology &
Better Performance
Precision Agricultural needs Accurate Spray work
Racerfly had a vision of Future Drone Technology and is now here.
We provide quality helicopter and multi-rotor plant protection drones with reliable performance and spraying efficiency.
Easy & Fast
We know that being easy & fast at the same time is difficult but not Impossible.
Spraying over Agricultural fields is now easy and fast with us.
Our wide range of sprayer systems are-
  • Fully Autonomous
  • Crash proof
  • Self - Height Adjusting
  • Mobile App controlled
  • Highly Efficient & Precise
  • Variable Capacity
Easy Farming
Our Sprayers are best in Farming.
A single sprayer drone can replace around 20 workers, which can be really helpful in the current situation.
The sprayer system can be deployed and operated by just one operator sitting and monitoring at one spot, eliminating the need of many workers manually spraying pesticides.
Sprayers can spray around 1.2 L/min effectively without overlapping.
Its operational efficiency is 55-65 Ha/daily without having much less wage.
Good for all types of crops
Good for all types of Fruits & Vegetables
Banana Tree
Mango Tree
Orange Tree
Grapes Tree
RTK positioning
(Real Time Kinematics)
that ensures less than 0.1m of error
Daily GPS that we use has error of 3-30 m in pointing device position.
Precesion Agriculture need Accurate spray work
So, this shouldnot be used in drone positioning.
Racerfly uses RTK tech to ensure safer and accurate spraying.
Main features of RTK over GPS positioning are -
  • Centimeter level Measurement accuracy
  • High sensitivity & Low power consumption
  • Double Antenna orientation
  • Transmission range of 3 km
RTK remarkably increase the spray efficiency, guarantee to spray in time without overlap and misses & contributes to Obstacle avoidance.
Terrain Following
Automatically adjusts Height & avoids Obstacles on any Terrain
Aircraft will increase or reduce the flight height ( above the crops ) automatically according to the Terrain.
Variety of Systems
Sprayer Drones
M 10
10 Litre
M 12
12 Litre
M 16
16 Litre
X 16
16 Litre
X 25
25 Litre
Helicopter Sprayers
17 Litre
25 Litre
Specifications of M 16
One of our new Generation 16kg payload Spraying drone
The perfect balance between size & efficiency.
With the C-Shape quick fold-extend design and durable premium material.
Specs :
  • Tank Capacity
  • Power
  • Flow
  • Single flight efficiency
  • Operational efficiency
  • 16L
  • 22,000 MAh
  • 2-4 L/min
  • 1.2 Ha
  • 55-65 Ha/day
Go Cororna
Stay Safe from covid-19
India is fighting a fight with Deadly Covid-19 virus.
For this our solutions can be used for spraying Sanitizer.
Each of our Drone gives a stunning daily efficiency of about 55-65 Hactares.
Considering that fighting COVID-19 involves social distancing, the sprayer system can be deployed and operated by just one operator sitting and monitoring at one spot, eliminating the need of many cleaners manually spraying disinfectants. Also, these drones can also be used to record videos as as well.
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